Our Journey

May 2017

Maintenance Shop is launched

December 2016

WP Time Capsule is launched

September 2016

Celebrating 5 years of InfiniteWP

November 2015

InfiniteWP manages over 500,000 sites

July 2013

100,000 sites rely on InfiniteWP

October 2012

InfiniteWP reaches $100,000 in total revenue

September 2012

InfiniteWP premium add ons are launched

August 2012

InfiniteWP reaches 10,000 sites

December 2011

InfiniteWP premium add ons are launched

March 2010

Got the idea of creating InfiniteWP


The team grew and we started client servicing full time


Started client servicing as a part-time gig

Why do you need us?

We know our game

You can be confident that your website is being managed by experts.

We do the maintenance at night

No downtime or loss of traffic on your site in case the site is down.

We give you priority support

We monitor your website round the clock and are one click away if you need any assistance.

Why are we doing this?

Obviously if you have reached this section of our website, I understand that you are really intrigued to know the reason behind us running this maintenance shop. It’s very simple, we want first hand feedback of the products that we build. I remember reading a post a few months ago where Alex from GrooveHQ shared his story about how his startup would’ve almost died. GrooveHQ builds simple customer service software. However, they weren’t really good at building it because they weren’t using their own product. They were building software for an audience without even understanding what the audience wanted. We have been using InfiniteWP from the time we built it but we haven’t had the opportunity to use it on a large scale. With this maintenance shop, we aim at using our products InfiniteWP and WP Time Capsule along with a few of the best WordPress plugins and themes. This will give us a chance to have a continuous and first hand feedback loop so that we can make WordPress better for you and for us.