Managed Updates

Updates are the most crucial part of maintaining a WordPress site. Ignore an update and you are at a huge risk of being hacked. Apply the update and you risk breaking the website. This why you need an expert to manage your updates entirely.

Staged Updates

The most common problem with updates is that incompatible modules break the site. That’s why we test updates on a separate, exact clone of the live site, called a stage. Only after confirming a successful update on the Staged site will we update the live site.

Security Updates

Developers regularly patch security-related issues via security updates. It is very important that these are applied immediately with highest priority because hackers will specifically target these exploits as soon as they are released. We will ensure that these updates are made as soon as they come in.

Visual comparison after updating

Even though employing multiple automated methods make updates safe and seamless, nothing can commensurate the human eye. That’s why we visually compare each and every page of the updated website with the old version to make sure all went well.


Real-time backups

Weekly and hourly backups are great. But if you have a high transaction website, every change in the website matters. That is why we backup your website every time a change is detected. That way, you can rest assured, no data is ever lost, no matter what happens.

Off-site backups to cloud

Backups are sometimes stored in the WordPress site’s server itself. This is a bad practice since if the website encounters any problem you may lose access to the backup right when you need it. We send the backups off to a secure location, ready to deploy when the need arises.

Backup before updating

It is always a good idea to backup the website before updating it since you can restore it if an update crashes your website. We have systems in place that will automatically backup the website before updating it.


24/7 Security Monitoring

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. That is why it very important that you have an ever-present eye monitoring your website. With our 24/7 monitoring system that’s exactly what you get. Any imminent issue is caught and addressed before it gets a chance to cause havoc.

Website hardening

No matter the size of your business or website, multiple attempts to hack your website will be made regularly. We will harden the website by implementing a secure, impenetrable, multi-tier barricade all around it.

Malware cleanup

In the rare but inevitable event of your website being hacked and infected with malware, it will be cleaned up immediately before Google has a chance to blacklist your website. This is made possible using our 24/7 security monitoring.


Performance Optimization

Your visitors feel the pinch even if your website takes a few seconds more to load and that hurts your conversion. We will continuously work towards reducing the load time of your website and optimize it, so you don’t lose out on traffic and conversions.

SEO Optimization

We make it easy for Google and other search engines to read and index your website properly by implementing standard practices and conducting regular audits. There’s nothing like organic growth and it all begins with an easily searchable website.

Uptime Monitoring

Keeping your website available and accessible to visitors is critical to your business. Continuous server and website uptime monitoring allows us to find and fix issues within minutes. A mandatory post-incident root cause analysis enables us to drastically reduce recurrences.


Reliable 24/5 Support

Focus on your business knowing that our support team are on stand-by awaiting your queries and requests 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. We focus on resolving your issues rapidly with minimum correspondence.

Emergency Weekend Support

Have an issue that can't wait till Monday? Opt for our emergency support and we'll get it resolved immediately.

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